sabato 16 luglio 2016

International Conference on Underwater Science, Technology and Education (ICUSTE 2016) - From 7th to 12th August at City University of Hong Kong.

Through scientific safety diving education, we aim to foster a true partnership among marine scientists and engineers who design, build, and use novel instruments and systems to elevate underwater research, ocean survey and exploration capabilities in order to better serve marine environmental science research, innovative technological development and underwater diving safety; and, at the same time, promote and raise the standards for scientific diving certification and operation, enhance underwater scientific development in the Greater China region; promote worldwide collaboration; and heighten public awareness in protecting the ocean.

 • To enhance our knowledge and pursue exploration of the complexity of the marine environment in innovative ways;
• To elevate the underwater safety and exploration technological level to better serve marine ecological surveying, ocean exploration and underwater safety; and 
• To nurture innovative talents with the ability for underwater research

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