giovedì 30 gennaio 2014

A trace element study for the provenance attribution of ceramic artefacts: the case of Dressel 1 amphorae from a late-Republican ship (form Journal of Archaeological Science by Giuliana Galli et al.)

Over the millennia, the Mediterranean Sea has represented the crossroad between civilizations and trade that left important evi- dence on the seabed. The most frequent artefacts recovered from underwater archaeological excavations mainly consist of transport amphorae which represented, in ancient times, the most suitable vessels for the circulation of trade products. Therefore, a detailed archaeometric study of such ceramic artefacts can lead to the acquisition of information on their provenance and to track the most likely ancient trade routes of ships. This issue has significant social, economic and cultural implications, as it overcomes lacking of written sources. The present contribution focuses on the archaeometric study of Dressel 1 amphorae (Fig. 1), recovered from a shipwreck ..... READ MORE (pdf file)

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